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HWID Spoofers
CoD: MW / Warzone Spoofer
13 $
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CoD: MW II / Warzone 2.0 Spoofer
7/14 $
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Apex Legends Spoofer
13 $
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CoD: Vanguard Spoofer
11 $
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PUBG Spoofer
13 $
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CoD: BO Cold War Spoofer
10 $
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Main products
CoD: MW / Warzone
18 $
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Apex Legends
16 $
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CoD: MW II / Warzone 2.0
15/28 $
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Frequently asked questions
How do I make sure that the spoofer really works?
To check the working of our spoofer, you have the opportunity to activate a subscription for 40 minutes. To activate the trial in one click you need to download and launch the launcher, select the desired product and click the 'Test' button.
At the time of product launch, I get the error 'Failed to launch kernel', what should I do?
To fix this problem, check whether you have an antivirus installed. If you have an antivirus installed, such as Avast, disable the 'Enable hardware-​assisted virtualization' feature in the antivirus settings. If you do not find such a feature in your antivirus, you need to remove it from your PC. At the end of all actions, you need to restart the PC.
I purchased a subscription through an reseller and my key was not activated, how long do I have to wait?
Subscription activation via resellers is performed manually, and therefore additional time is required to verify the correctness of your payment data. The approximate waiting time for activation is from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
How can I purchase your product using PayPal or other payment systems?
You can purchase our product using other payment systems through our resellers. The activation time can be extended.